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+100%Up to $100

New players at Parimatch can get a bonus of +150% on their first deposit of up to $100.

The constant development of the entertainment sector regarding the creation of forecasts for competitions provides such an opportunity for everyone. In Pakistan, now everyone can choose a suitable project that will satisfy all his needs and requests regarding the creation of winning predictions.

One of the popular sports is cricket, which gets more and more fans every year. This is facilitated by the constant holding of competitions and their large number. Cricket betting allows you to get good money if you successfully create a prediction for the desired result. Various projects allow you to do this, giving users the opportunity to independently choose the option for creating a forecast.

Projects offer both a classic version of the site, when a regular browser and Internet access are enough to visit it, and a betting app that needs to be downloaded and installed on any device suitable for this.

The ability to create predictions online saves time, which is important for users. Residents of Pakistan do not need to visit specialized establishments separately - just use online cricket betting apps

Create betting on cricket on any mobile device

All owners of smartphones or tablets can easily join the various projects that are offered by the developers. To do this, you only need to have a device and access to the global network. The only thing that is required from the user is to get at the disposal of the cricket betting app.

Regardless of the developer and the specifics of the project, getting an application on the gadget is not difficult. On the part of those who want to make predictions, you will need to go to the official resource of the project or any of the relevant platforms and download.

A distinctive feature of online betting, regardless of the chosen project, is to always be able to make a prediction that can bring good cash to everyone. To do this, you need a little luck and well-developed analytics regarding teams.

In Pakistan, anyone can join any project - it all depends on individual preferences. All current projects have differences between themselves, which players need to remember.

What attracts mobile applications for cricket betting

The use of the proposed applications opens up wide opportunities for users. The main advantages include the following:

Possibility to create a prediction at any time. To do this, it is enough to have a suitable gadget and any option for connecting to the Internet.

  • Practicality. Developers create applications that are perfectly optimized for popular mobile operating systems. All applications for betting on cricket run smoothly on devices running Android and iOS, which makes up almost 98% of the entire gadget market.
  • The presence of identical functionality with the browser version of the project. Users can easily follow the latest games, get the latest notifications, and more. The application is made according to the exclusive design and style of the project. The functionality is also taken care of - it is similar to all the features of the site.
  • Rapid development. For users, everything is clear on an intuitive level, which allows you to almost immediately start creating predictions for matches that can bring a good win.
  • You can use the cricket betting app at any time, which allows you to always follow the necessary games and not miss them. Some of the applications have the function of reminding or transferring a future game to notes, which will allow you not to miss the competition and make a good bet.
  • The ability to receive up-to-date information about current games. All information is updated on an ongoing basis, which is appreciated by users. All game data is transmitted in real time.

Informative reviews of mobile cricket betting apps

All offered applications have already gained popularity among players in various countries. Each of them has its own features, which attract users in different countries. The demand for a constant opportunity to make predictions and win funds has always been and will be. It is for this reason that developers have created applications from various projects, each of which has its own individual characteristics.


This project is one of the oldest, which has acquired a multi-million army of fans over the entire year of its existence. A project of this level could not do without its own application, which allows you to create forecasts for any event. The same has not bypassed the popular sport like cricket. This sport has managed to win a positive disposition on the part of the players. One of the features of this project is a large number of promotions and bonuses, each of which is able to make the gameplay easier for every fan of making predictions.

The possibility of online betting has always attracted many users. The project offers various sports, among which cricket is in great demand. Despite its simplicity, this type of competition allows you to make successful and winning predictions, which is important for any player.

You can follow match in various ways - on the official website through a browser or use a specially created application. Note that the project took care of multiplatform, which opens up good opportunities for registered users.


This project is one of the most popular among all connoisseurs of forecasting. It attracts with its accessibility and good bonus offers that allow everyone to start playing (everyone over 18). On the part of the developers of the project, all the moments and wishes of fans of such a pastime were taken into account.

This project is one of the best and offers everyone to use online cricket betting apps. The main task of the project is to provide comfortable conditions for players who use the browser version of the resource, as well as not forgetting those who use the application. This approach on the part of the developers allows users to feel comfortable throughout the entire time they use the official resource and application.

The project offers a variety of bonuses that all registered users can use. Promotions, bonuses, individual gifts and much more are offered by this project, which is appreciated by the players.

This project has not forgotten about cricket betting, which pleases millions of users in various countries, including Pakistan. Note that fans of this sport can analyze the latest data at any time and create an exclusive prediction that can bring huge money if they win.


One of the well-known projects, which already has more than one hundred thousand users. It features good gifts for players, ranging from new ones to already registered ones. A huge number of options for exactly where to make a prediction. Like any popular project, it also offers the ability to create predictions for eSports events (tournaments, championships, etc.). Cricket fans have not been forgotten either - the project offers the possibility of online betting anywhere and from any device.

With the development of various areas, the created application is 100% consistent with the theme of the official resource. This approach on the part of the project owners allows you to attract a large number of users.


A popular project that has managed to gain popularity among hundreds of thousands of connoisseurs of creating predictions for any event. It features good gifts for users and frequent promotions. The developers have created a betting app that allows you to make winning predictions anywhere. The project has good conditions for each user, which makes it attractive.


Another good project that is in demand among the players. The elaborate design of the resource and excellent bonuses make this platform one of the most popular among those who want to test their analytical skills. Permanent promotions and other temporary events make this project great for players. In addition, he is invited to download the cricket betting app, which is optimized for all popular platforms and devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile applications

Betting on cricket through applications always allows you to make a prediction for any event. The use of applications is a convenient solution for players, which allows them to make predictions in any places.

The advantages of the betting app include versatility and the ability to install on any existing device. Additionally, it should be noted the excellent optimization of programs - the developers have done a lot of work on this.

As such, there are no shortcomings - each of the applications is created in accordance with the theme of the project, fully respecting its design and individual features. As a minus, you can count the need for the constant availability of the Internet, although this is a mandatory requirement even for using the browser version.

What bonuses offer applications to users

In this case, each of the applications offers personal bonuses that allow you to start playing and create full-fledged predictions. Each of the projects will delight with its own individual gifts that will appeal to each user. Depending on the project, the number of bonuses may differ, which players need to remember.

How to deposit funds using the app

To start betting on cricket, it is enough to deposit a certain amount of funds to your personal account. This can be done in various ways, among which there is the possibility of replenishing with cards and with the help of crypto wallets.

Such a variety allows you to quickly decide on the option of depositing funds, which for the user will be the best option. No matter which option you prefer, getting started is easy because all information regarding this is provided by the project on a case-by-case basis.

Application for Android gadget users

All owners of devices under this operating system can easily use the betting app, regardless of their own preferences. Each of the projects offers applications, each of which is optimized for all devices under this OS.

You can get this program at the disposal of both the official resource of the project and the help of a standard platform where you can download the application.

Application for IOS users

Owners of devices under this system can also easily start making winning predictions for their favorite sports, including cricket. The possibility of online betting opens up for everyone, which allows you to easily get additional funds, especially with big wins. Access to these applications can be obtained in various ways, each of which is described in detail on the official resources of each of the projects.

Application appearance and loading speed

The design of each application is developed in accordance with the characteristics of each project. Color schemes, functional features, etc. are fully observed. The download speed is completely dependent on the ISP that provides Internet access. This should be taken into account by every user.

Help with questions

You can get information of interest regarding any project in the support service, which will provide assistance in a user-friendly way. It can be email or online chat.

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